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We put the unity in community

Giving back to the community has always been the backbone of operations within the igobywong studio family. Below is more information about how you can be involved in helping to fill the world with more positivity! 


Project Semicolon

Project Semicolon was started as a national movement toward suicide prevention and awareness, with the slogan being your story is not over. The idea behind it is that pause; the semicolon takes on the meaning of taking a pause, and then moving forward. igobywong studios offer free semicolon tattoos to everyone, so if this is something that you are interested in, please contact us for more information and get your tattoo booked now! 

Negative + Hateful Tattoo Cover-ups

Everyone makes mistakes, you shouldn't have to live with yours. We all go through times of negativity, so we are offering cover-ups for any and all negative, hateful tattoo designs. Just mention this is your email and we will get you all set up! 

Toys for Tattoos

Toys for Tattoos was founded in 2014 by Jamie Wong. He was driven by years of animosity for having tattoos all over his body and wanted to prove that he really does have a huge heart for his community, and you shouldn't read a book by it's cover.

For more information and to get involved, please visit the Toys for Tattoos page or click here!

Get Involved

If you are interested in anything above, have any questions, or would like to book your appointment, please contact us now! Follow us online to see updates about everything we are involved in! 

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